About Us

Our family story is, like many, a story of an immigrant family. 

Dona Maria Luisa Gonzalez had a vision to make a life for her children. “The American Dream.”

She came from El Salvador to California and found herself in the city of Angels.  During the week she would help her boyfriend with his food truck selling Mexican food.
On the weekends though, she would borrow the truck and along with her son Juan, they would sell authentic Salvadorian food.

Soon enough that weekend business eclipsed the Mexican food in popularity. Maria Luisa was a hit! The local residents responded well to their food, the local shops did not… That little food truck was doing so well it was driving business away from them so did what any competitive american business would do… they tried to push them out. By not allow them to park their food truck anywhere near their business they hoped that would be the end of it but regular customers would follow them regardless where they might find parking. 

With time, Maria Luisa saved up money and was able to get a proper brick and mortar location.  That first restaurant was in a little corner of Los Angeles on Pico and Magnolia (El Rinconcito de la Magnolia). Originally a Mexican restaurant, Dona Maria Lusia purchased it outright including the name.

Popularity overtook them and the once small mexican place named “Los Molcajetes” now one of the most famous little Salvadorian joints in all of LA. Their success launched other locations such as Lorena & 1st, Pico St & Hope St, Whittier Blvd & Euclid Ave which Don Juan operated first and once he felt that the location was sound he, as his mothers wishes, handed over to his siblings.

Now, these locations are no longer there, we have branched out with 3 Los Angeles locations, one in East LA, and Fontana each are Family owned but are individually operated. We continue our family legacy to serve our community real authentic salvadorian food that our founders started back in 1979

We are glad to keep the tradition and recipes that make us unique and stand out from the rest.